Welcome to Breaking Fitts’s Law, and for those of you just joining here is a quick rundown of the main characters:



Martin is a high-strung, temperamental user experience designer. Prone to occasional sarcastic outbursts, Martin is trapped by his desire to make things better by making them worse in the short term.




Of questionable mammalian ancestry, Phil maintains a lighter tone allowing things to go smoothly around him. According to his inner voice.




Abattoir’s skilled user researcher, possessing multiple degrees in behavioral science and psychology, Dani’s only unanswered question is “why the hell am I still wasting time with these bozos?”.





Mute, either by choice or birth, Kedu is a mysterious beast who often shows up when least expected. Docile and introspective by nature, he is capable of great strength when provoked. His impressive stature and quiet demeanor mask a deep intellect. With no ego to feed, his hind brain maintains all of the necessary material functions while the rest of his meat-cranium powers through great problems of quantum mechanics, philosophy, and recipes for the secret sauce from hundreds of burger stands.