Many of us have faced a table full of hostile peers, and in Martin’s world they happen to be an unruly team of developers. Programmers, engineers, they’re a group that’s overworked and fearful (as are most of us) and particularly annoyed at having to burn their time in yet another meeting. The only thing more annoying to these techno-wizards are designers.

This is the clash of worlds and mindset that goes back many generations through a number of industries. Think of this as the classic cats and dogs fighting in a cartoon. Nemeses by nature, forced to work together or destroy each other in corporate and political warfare.

Now it may seem that I’m about to unleash an unfair barrage with both barrels towards developers in general. I admit it’s a difficult bias to shake having worked as a designer for many years. My perspective is skewed. However, having worked with hundreds of developers, QA specialists, program and project managers, I’ve found only maybe four or six out of all of them that I truly despised. They weren’t all developers and those few were so bad even their own mothers hated them. The rest? They were human beings just like the rest of us, having good days and bad days, just getting through their shifts so they could go home safe and sound (and come back the next day for more).

Rest assured there will be plenty of bagging on the designers as well, but it may be a bit down the pike.