Here I’m playing with the notion that Martin once knew Phil years earlier, in college, but he doesn’t remember him. This is because I drew these characters in a comic strip back when I was in college. In that strip, Martin didn’t understand why he was seeing people around him manifesting themselves as quasi-human, beast-like beings. Perhaps he was going mad and instead of calling them out on their own existence, decided it was best to simply accept them as they are and proceed with life. The themes often involved epic debauchery, which could explain Martin’s lack of memory of Phil or any other events at the time. Rest assured, this wasn’t drawn from any real autobiographic elements. Mostly not.

All six of the people that saw or read that comic can take heart that I’ve maintained a canonical connection with the characters, later in their lives. For the rest of you, I’d ask that you understand that I am indeed mad, simply accept Phil’s existence, Martin’s amnesia, and proceed with life.